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  • Release Date 2015-12-26


Cat Flash In The Dark is a musical duo consisting of Kimin, of rock band 0sinho and long-running indie/ambient musician Noisecat. They formed just after their very first rehearsal and then spent the Summer and Autumn of 2015 in a studio in Seoul to do an unprepared, improvised musical project by using only a few instruments and assorted electronic devices. They just played them like toys; they reacted to each other and saw what happened while a 4-track tape recorder was rolling. What turned out was the album, “Ah, I”, a subtle, laid-back, spaced-out, droned-out and atmospheric pop jam. Possibly best for your good or bad dream phase, a long trip…… a house party with close friends. And maybe… also for a local gallery as a sound installation for an unknown artist.

Cat Flash In The DarkKimin, Noisecat

Psych/Experimental pop duo consisting of Kimin (0sinho) and Noisecat.

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