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A variety of Rock and Country music writen by Todd Curry

Todd A CurryJust me

I grew up with six amazing brothers, all with musical talents of various degrees. My brother Mickey Curry (Drummer for many bands like Brian Adams and Hall & Oats to name a couple) is the only one who stuck with it....until now.... I'm an okay singer, pretty good sax and flute player with a passion for writing music....I do it all in my garage (I've named Ahole enterprises). All my songs were written based on my life experiences. What experiences you ask? 30 years in law enforcement. I am a retired police officer, Patrol dog handler, Detective Sgt. and other stuff I just can't talk about. 10 years US Army Criminal Investigations (narcotics)... Although I do believe pot should be legalized. I've been all around the world, I'm a practicing pilot (very scary), I wrote a book, seen it all, had it all....yeah, I did that too.

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