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  • Release Date 2014-10-14
  • 1. Ela é de Bangu - Samba Nonsense /
  • 2. Rataria - Samba Nonsense /
  • 3. Shy for MP - Samba Nonsense /
  • 4. Futbol - Samba Nonsense /
  • 5. Em Apuros - Samba Nonsense /


Musicians instigated, through loose paths, seeking a unique sonority, dialoguing with the samba and its countless strands of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Swingueira and guided by a free harmony Grooves, which will take consistency of formlessness, flowing in a wealth of references, the best possible would say ... In addition to unusual melodies in the voice of Jefferson Placido (Theremim), leading the sound with your intuition carioca from the North Zone with Daniel Carlos Fernandes (drums), Cassiuz Barros (bass), Vitor Barros (voice and guitar), Bruno Pereira (voice and effects) and Marcelo Ceará (voice and Cavaco). Samba NonSense is collage of timbres, partido alto is, are we rementem the textures a musicality to the forefront with spirit connected to what's new, when it comes to promoting a peculiar mix of rhythms and instruments, in order to generate good music to our brains and feet. Music to dance and reflect on the ways of musicality that can touch us and thrill of truth. Are not easily digestible songs, but a tasty refinement and simplicity that sound made conscious palate with accuracy and joie de vivre. The guys take your banner to be willing to wield it and enter in block, which is not out yet, by mere process of pregnancy, the child is being generated...Doesn't take long to come up and give your battle cry arrival! Connects there. Soul Soul! Samba NonSense

Afro:Baile Records

Afro Baile Records is an award-winning Latin American Music Label & Events company based in Phoenix, Arizona, founded by DJ, Producer and renown musicologist of global beats, Miguel Ivery. Our mission, is to “Discover the Now-Sound of Latin American music, culture and community with a focus on the afro latin diaspora”! From Sao Paulo to Havana, Peru and Mexico, to the rhythmic sounds of Salsa, Samba, Cuban Jazz y Electronica, Afro Baile continues to push the envelope in discovering some of today’s most modern and forward-thinking artists from across Latin America and the Caribbean. For over a decade, Afro Baile Records has continued to push Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Centrcic music to the masses through our growing music label and events company. With a discography including more than 20 albums, compilations, and singles, our albums have been featured on more than two dozen radio show programs across the world including the BBC in the UK, CIUT in Canada and ORTS in the Netherlands. With 5 Top 10 albums to credit, and more than 20 albums releases featuring over 200 songs, Afro Baile Records has redefined the modern sound of Latin American culture and afro-latin musica. Not just our music label, but our award winning events and festivals, have also created a diverse and creative outlet for our artists and community to gather and celebrate Latin American culture. Our flagship festivals and events include the annual Bomba Festival, Brazilian Day Festival, Carnaval Concert and Bomba Music series. Afro Baile Records has gone from a small one bedroom startup to worldwide distribution, radio air-play, TV, and has garnered a worldwide fan base of DJs, musicians and collectors of the global groove. What started with a simple compilation titled - Brazil:Sambossica vol 1 (and a multi-series of albums to follow), the label, and its compilation series have become a staple on various radio programs, clubs and in homes worldwide. Afro Baile is spearheaded by Miguel Ivery (aka DJ Seduce), it's with his creative vision that the label & events keep pushing the boundaries on contemporary music, organic grooves, and traditional tropical sounds. We go beyond the norm to find and explore afro-latin culture while bridging the gaps between north and south america and leaving a listens and attendees with a vibe that resonates with the mind, body and soul.

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