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  • Release Date 2014-09-11


Our third album (2nd studio album) "fingerprint" has arrived!

Released on June 12th '09 in the Watt in Rotterdam, Holland

"hey mike--- what up man yeah we listened a bunch and we really dug it man theres some real nice tracks on there!" -Garrett Dutton (G-Love and the Special Sauce)

Thanks to the generous people and companies who helped us to realize this album! Their names can be found on the inside tray of the CD. We appreciate your support to the fullest and we hope we have made you all proud with this one.

"The perfect album for the Summer.." (Veronica Magazine)

..although we like to believe the album also goes well with every season of the year!

There are many more great reviews we have received from critics, fans, family and friends. In the meantime we are very busy trying to do what we can to get it more exposure. We have two videos on the way (to be released in May (Feel That Fire) and June (You Decide It) 2010 and much more planned for this year in our attempt to really get this album out there.

We hope you enjoy listening and please do leave a comment to let us know what you thought of it. We'd love to hear from you!

Take care,
Orange Grove

Orange Grovemichael maidwell, jacob streefkerk, daniele labbate, robert biesewig, tim kesteloo

Caribbean Crossover. Reggae with a twist. Musical goodness for the body and mind!

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