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  • Release Date 2013-12-17


Review By "Hear The Indie"
Idolize by Sleeping Babys is a very solid debut release. It is an interesting twist on the pop/rock style that the duo has opted to go with, and I think it works out pretty well. The spaghetti western feel is certainly prevalent, and it works out beautifully on most of the tracks. The title track is perhaps the easiest to get into, and would indeed be the most radio friendly of the tracks. This EP interests me because some material is very accessible, while other tracks are far more cinematic (yet, undoubtedly, still accessible, just in another way). I think if you are a fan of pop rock, surf rock, alternative country, and maybe even psychedelic rock as a result of the many guitar effects and textures here, as well as spaghetti western soundtrack music; you will find something to truly enjoy here. Give it a shot, and considering buying it if you dig it!

Sleeping BabysMark Annesley, Stacie Richardson, Nick Flatman, Brendan Render, Mitch Bruzzese

A new Sydney band on the scene likes to refer to themselves as “mature with a youthful demeanour.” They wrote their first song together 2 years into the relationship, after an argument. Mark picked up the guitar after years of not playing & wrote some chords. Stacie soon realised that the writing partner she’d been looking for was conveniently residing with her. Sleeping babys sound is a mixed bag of modern day 60’s pop/rock with riff driven cinematic guitars & melodic pop vocals. Mark is quite particular with tonal quality he achieves in all his songs. The music has been described as; spaghetti western, surf rock, southern pop, with an anthemic / stadium sound. The duo also drew inspiration from Quentin Tarrentino film soundtracks. The recently released E.P “Idolize” is highly accessible with clever quirky fun to memorable dark emotion & philosophy. Fundamentally the E.P’s retro jukebox-pop production values & at times, 90′s feel, give a superb opportunity to study organic music building techniques. The E.P has received airplay, great reviews, blog features & attracted some great musicians to turn this Sydney indie duo into a 5 piece band. Stacie writes of self-discovery, karma, confessions, love & nostalgia with an uncomplicated but direct lyric. In an endless sea of new electronic music, the duo are excited to keep a traditional formula of drums, bass, guitars for most of the album & deliver tunes that are surprisingly timeless. Between them they have written quite a few tunes but these are the ones they want to share. These songs seem to define their personalities. The two have an unapologetic worship of real original music & have worked hard on this project for years to get it where it needed to be. Taking pride in dissecting the songs with TLC & giving them enough time to breathe, they were certain they are the best they could possibly be. Along the journey they recorded 2 demos & spent 18 months with an Artist development producer where they laid down drums, bass & guitars for 15 songs. Another year was spent with a different record producer, developing the tracks distinctive sound. They also set up a home studio for more pre production & a solid song writing station. Through this long & sometimes frustrating process, Sleeping Babys have learned some valuable life lessons that have only helped the song writing. So one can not exist without the other. An unlikely couple at the very least…Mark’s infectious kind & talkative nature seems to compliment Stacie’s direct, honest & fiercely intuitive nature. With new additions, Mitch on drums + Brendan on bass, trumpet & Bv’s, together with Nick on rhythm guitar + Bv’s…….the group have been working hard weekly on developing the new tunes for a live set & can’t wait to get out & play. The point is very clear & simple these days…..Sleeping Babys worked hard to write an album of songs that they found interesting & stimulating…..if this transcends to others….that will be one of life’s gifts to a band.

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