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  • Release Date 2016-01-22
  • 1. Winter Night /


Electric Planet Five has released a new single album “Winter Night”

Electric Planet Five, a talented young musician who has showcased a delicate distillation of jazz and electronic, now presents an acoustic piano composition that gracefully captures the scenary of winter. In a collaboration with JY Lee, a famed jazz guitarist, she blends the acoustic piano with a minimal arrangement of guitar and bass to create a melody that borders upon the scenic atmosphere of her previous release “After Winter.” With its delicate sketch on the serene beauty of the season, Winter Night will deliver a truly captivating experience to the listeners as a haunting prelude for her first regular album coming up in this February!


Electric Planet Five이지선

Electric Planet Five Music

Electric Planet Five (EP5) is a solo project by both composer and pianist Jisun Lee, well known for her musical composition and experiment into various sounds from acoustic piano to electronica. Having composed, played, and produced all her music with her debut album 'Electric Planet EP' in 2012, EP5 is announcing her new album following previous singles "After Winter", "Yellow", and "Friends". Electric Planet Five's music is full of emotional sensitivities and imagination as her music crosses into both analog and digital sounds. The new album is available as a 25 track two-CD featuring not only piano solo but also electronica tracks. Be prepared to be mesmerized by EP5's minimal melodic yet jazzy harmonic solo piano, as well as strong and sophisticated warm electronic sounds.

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