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  • Release Date 2013-07-12
  • 1. Hope to Remember the Place /
  • 2. Please, Please /
  • 3. Your Wedding /
  • 4. Crying Baby /
  • 5. Looking For My Cat /
  • 6. Birthday Cake /
  • 7. I cross the sea with you /
  • 8. Last Day in Earth /
  • 9. Lullaby /
  • 10. Monologue (Studio Live) /
  • 11. Pierrot (Studio Live) /


The fastest way to approach the ocean in the city, “I Cross the Sea with You!”
Annyeongbada is a Korean pop rock band based in Hongdae, Seoul, famous and beloved for their catchy melodies and appealing lyrics. Now they are back with the most original sounds of theirs, without adding any unnecessary colors. That is why the name of the album is “I Cross the Sea with You,” the initial band name for the members. With many more live experiences in their pockets, the band is now more solid with its sound and arrangement, ready to present to the audience where they are headed with their music.
The new(This) album contains many varieties of music from sentimental title track ‘Please, Please’ to tracks like ‘Hope to Remember the Place’ and ‘I Cross the Sea with You’, live tunes played by the band from their debut. Furthermore, the album also includes creative tunes like ‘Looking for My Cat,’ sung by the entire band, and ‘Lullaby,’ which includes cello in its acoustic arrangement.

ANNYEONGBADA나무, 우명제, 우선제


홍대 인디씬에서 활동을 시작한 안녕바다는 한국 인디 밴드 본연의 감성과 쉽고 아름다운 멜로디 라인, 신디 사운드를 이용한 풍부한 사운드의 조합, 그리고 파워풀하고 다이나믹한 퍼포먼스로 한국 인디 음악의 높은 퀄리티를 보여준다. 결성 이후 국내외 각종 음악 페스티벌 무대에서 실력을 보여주며 활발한 활동을 이어가고 있다.

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