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zominsu Jul 15, 2016

와우 요즘 이런 사운드가 듣고싶은데 드디어 찾았군요 감사합니다


  • Release Date 2016-03-08


PAKK is the trio rock band, Kim Dae-in (Vocal, Guitar), Park Hyun-seok (Bass), Kim Tae-ho (Drum). In 2014, Kim Dae in, bassist of Apollo 18, made project band for 3rd album of Jellyfish Boy and started the trio band. Kim Dae-in and Park Hyun-seok is between senior and junior in the university, so they got together first and Kim Tae-ho who was playing drum in other band that time joined the band PAKK.
PAKK's debut EP [A Wail] is playing sorrow and despair between us. "Wailing in you and me and everybody's heart" This album is trying to hear you this heart. Recording was going on one take the Peak Music Studio in Gwangju Music Factory and Mixing by Kim Dae-in. Mastering was going on the Joe Lambert Mastering Studio in Newyork. PAKK's EP [A Wail] is released 200 limited Cassette tape including download coupon.

PAKK김대인, 박현석, 김태호


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