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  • Release Date 2010-05-19


is the second EP album by Sultan of the Disco. Nahzam Sue, the band leader, remarks “For the first time in my life I applied myself and put in some real effort, and the result speaks for itself.” As Nahzam suggests, this is an ebullient follow-up showing a different level of musicality from the prior one. This album, on the whole, exudes an enthusiastic atmosphere blended with outstanding groovy bass lines and various wind instrument sounds hailed as a highlight in the disco genre. It is said that their ‘Arabian Funky Soul’ was given new life; This should come as no big surprise though, and can be taken as a prelude of what was to come.

Sultan of the Disco나잠수, J.J핫산, 김간지, G,홍기

붕가붕가 레코드

Based on their incredible performances inspired by 6~70s’ vintage soul/funk, the band ‘Sultan of The Disco’ have been invited by several international festivals including Glastonbury, Summer Sonic and CMJ Music Marathon.

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