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  • Release Date 2013-02-20
  • 1. Magic Prince /
  • 2. Caravan /
  • 3. Oriental Disco Express /
  • 4. Suspicious /
  • 5. The Woman at the Abdullah /
  • 6. Dllury /
  • 7. Shaking Booty All Night /
  • 8. Ttungtanji /
  • 9. Power of Oil /
  • 10. Footsteps /
  • 11. Butterfly /
  • 12. Caravan(Radio Edit) /


is the first full-length studio album by Sultan of the Disco released in 2013. As its title ‘The Golden Age’ suggests, this album is full of minutely organized and exquisite dance music based upon the groovy sounds of the greatest musicians of 70's era disco. It is not only the result of an almost four-year effort of devoting themselves to bringing their dreams to fruition, but also a remarkably self-assured album. You are being invited to a dance tour by Sultan of the Disco who are the drivers of the Disco Express train, you better get on board before it’s too late, or you just might regret it.

Sultan of the Disco나잠수, J.J핫산, 김간지, G,홍기

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Based on their incredible performances inspired by 6~70s’ vintage soul/funk, the band ‘Sultan of The Disco’ have been invited by several international festivals including Glastonbury, Summer Sonic and CMJ Music Marathon.

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