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  • Release Date 2014-11-10


Digital Single- My Dream.. at 15

Soulkit's latest single consists of two songs: "Long Way Back" and "Dream With".

The album was recorded only with instruments, thus distinctively delivering the resonating sounds and the harmony.

The words of "Long Way Back" written by Jaeyoon Shin, the co-founder of Soulkit, flows naturally; the song is actually a mosaic of stories and expressions extracted from writings by teenagers Solkit collaborated with.

The ending chorus is a Soulkit's message for teenagers and anyone who's struggling to make their dreams come true.

"Dream With", written by Junghyun Kim, resembles a musical song with bouncy melodies and lively voices.

The string piccicato and jazzy melodies by piano sings a story of a teenager whose dream is to become a fashion designer and her determination to never let go of her own dream.

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Soul_kit music project for youth was founded in 2011. It is a music group consisted of 20 university students. It aims to provide music which contains stories of youth by collecting colorful stories from them and writing them into songs. There are various themes in the songs of Soul_kit, including dreams, a bleak future, conflict between friends, etc. Soul_kit has a mission to create the culture of sympathy and communication in Korean society. It was awarded best prize at '2012 Seoul Social Economy Idea Competition'.

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