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  • Release Date 2013-01-07


'Scarcity' refers to the myth of scarcity, probably the most destructive idea plaguing mankind since it is esponsible for the competitive behavior and our self-destructive society.
When we think that everything is scarce , we forget that the only thing truly scarce for Humanity is in reality ... time.

InmythsHugo Almeida, Ricardo Mota

Inmyths set out to deliver a very personal take on alt-folk, as portrayed by their album “Scarcity”. The group, fronted by Hugo Almeida, brings acoustic guitars to the forefront, aided by a solid rhythm section and topped by the leader’s warm and soothing vocals offering a fitting folk songwriter approach with a modern, alternative rock twist . A certain familiarity can be traced to the likes of Coldplay, but in an acoustic packaging closer to the Days of the New aesthetic. The multi-instrumentality nature of Inmyths music certainly deserves a careful listen.

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