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  • Release Date 2014-01-20


The new album "PHOTOGRAPH" celebrates the band's career and all the successes achieved since their debut. The album contains 10 unpublished tracks, all of them with an original sound combining the bases of traditional blues with a more modern mood, capable of arousing curiosity and intriguing the furthest from the genre listener. The groove imprinted in every song is the hallmark of the artistic production by Paul Reddick, Canadian blues singer-songwriter, backed by major productions including a Coca-Cola commercial in the States. The main topic of the album is the journey from the past to the present through the history of the band, but also as a non-stop exploration of different and new worlds. The main reason is that many of the songs were born from Paul Reddick's pen during the long trips of his Canadian tour. "PHOTOGRAPH" is also enriched with important guests including the harmonica of Fabio Treves, very popular italian bluesman, Gnu Quartet's strings and flute, an ensemble with an unique and innovative sound which has collaborated with Muse, Simone Cristicchi, Niccolò Fabi and Negramaro.

Guitar Ray & The Gamblers

Ray’s style is made of elegant notes of sudden accelerations and dynamics telling his past, the story of his life and his undying love for the music. His special “groove”, authentic and genuine and his guitar, already alongside big names such as Fabio Treves, Otis Grand, Jerry Portnoy (harmonica player for the great Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton), Sonny Rhodes, Jumpin ‘Johnny Sansone, Keith Dunn, Paul Reddick, Roxanne Potvin, Deitra Farr, Lea Gilmore, Big Pete Pearson, Kirk Fletcher and many others, is more and more demand for prestigious events in Italy and abroad confirming his artistic stature. “Ray’s Blues is the daylife itself, with its fascinating shading, it’s a ravishing picture, a book to be  greedly read, it’s a passion to be strongly lived.” (Fabio Treves)

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