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  • Release Date 2016-08-25
  • 1. Something Like /


There is someone who always give her smile to me.
Does she fall in love to me?
Or is she just checking my mind?
Whatever, she must have some interesting about me, doesn’t she?

The first single album of Bremen Cheaters, ‘Something Like’.
It’s song about a foolish guy who is easily falling in love.

* Credit
Produced by 브레멘 사기단
Composed & Lyrics by 삼단이
Arranged by 브레멘 사기단
Vocal by 삼단이
Bass Guitar by 다나까
Guitar Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by StudioF
Guitar Guide by 이정섭, 황윤성
Drum Guide by 김윤승
Cover Design by 삼단이, 김형민

Bremen Cheaters삼단이, 다나까

Danaka, who is the leader of team 'N More', and the his best friend Samdan, They start to post music about their life.

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