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  • Release Date 2014-11-28
  • 1. Bad Bad Boy (Alt. Version) /
  • 2. Drums /
  • 3. Switch feat. Gia Love (Alt. Version) /
  • 4. Sex Twerk and Rock n Roll /
  • 5. The Ordinary Life /
  • 6. Anything goes feat. Dani Umpi (Alt. Version) /
  • 7. Say it to my face (Alt. Version) /
  • 8. Tainted Love (Soft Cell cover) /
  • 9. Nemesis (Alt. Version) /
  • 10. The Freak Parade (Eugeen Remix) /
  • 11. Bad Bad Boy (Eugeen Remix) /


"Alternativow" could be described as Jano's new vision of his previous album "Apocalipsis WOW!". It's modern; catchy, filled with pop, funk, urban and dance music. On word: FRESH.

Jano Zanzi

My name is Jano (Alejandro Zanzi), and I’m a 26 year old Uruguayan singer and songwriter who started his career at the “Atlantic Song Festival” in the year 2000. In 2002 I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina; and became one of the top 15 finalists of the reality TV show “Popstars” (Telefé). I returned to Uruguay where I wrote and recorded the songs for Ciclo Basico, my first album; produced by Eduardo Barceló and Geremy Cajtak. The album was released in December of 2003; and was re-released by SurBeats Records in 2012. By 2005 I started working on independent works; always related to music. That same year I wrote, recorded and performed two songs (“Back on the road” and “Someone’s watching over me”) for an international edition of the American TV show “Purely Music” (Safe TV). In 2006 I signed with Clippers; a company from Barcelona, Spain; to write songs for other artists. In 2008 I wrote and produced The Breakup; which was released in digital format by “La Cupula House of Music” and iTunes. In 2010 I accepted the offer to write and arrange the songs for the musical play “Noctámbulo: un amor prohibido” (Sleepwalker: a forbidden love) which debuted at the Broadway Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and which will be re released in 2014. For this work my name became well known in the Argentinian specialized press; which spoke of my songs as “modern rhythms and melodies which speak of him as someone who has an outstanding grasp of the theatre code” and said that I was a “finding to be taken into account”. That was a really blessed experience. In 2011 I composed the song “Gone with the waves” for Falling in love with you again, a documentary film about the history of surfing which is currently in post production. By the end of that year I started working on the songs for Apocalipsis WOW!, my new studio album; produced by Daniel Anselmi. At the same time I worked on a remix for Emil Montgomery’s song “Space is a dream” with DJ Paola Dalto, which was presented at the show “Faro Sur” in the Solís Theatre of Montevideo. Apocalipsis WOW! contains two duets with artists Dani Umpi and Gia; and two remixes by Fernando Picón and Ariel Perazzoli; two outstanding DJs in the Uruguayan electronic music culture. Its first two singles are “Bad bad boy” and “Todo Vale” (Everything goes) Feat. Dani Umpi. Apocalipsis WOW! was released by indie label SurBeats in both digital and CD format, in 2013. It has been pre selected for the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2013 I had the amazing opportunity to appear in two big events: The CARAS magazine Glam party (Argentinean version of ‘People’ magazine, at the Conrad Resort and Casino; Punta del Este), and in the main stage of “Zonamerica Live”; the biggest electronic festival in Uruguay, where I had the chance to present my album “Apocalipsis WOW!” along with Fernando Picon and Daniel “Tatita” Marquez; a worldwide well known percussionist; in front of five thousand people. From the first days of June until the last days of July, I had the chance to travel across the United States, all the way from New York to L.A. I got to meet people from the music industry who were interested in what I do; but the most important thing; I got to know all the different types of music across the States; from jazz and blues, to hip hop and urban; from New York and L.A’s electronic and indie music, to Nashville and Memphis’ country and bluegrass. This gave me a great new perspective about music and as I’m writing this bio, I’m also working on some new songs; all telling stories about these great places; trying to recreate their sounds, flavours, people, smells, colours and trying to mix them into a new album in which every song comes from a brand new place and represents a part of this journey; all mixed with the electro rock background I tried to create for “Apocalipsis Wow!”.

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