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journalsoulist Sep 25, 2016



  • Release Date 2016-09-19
  • 1. 삐뚤어졌어 (Remastered Ver.) /
  • 2. 삐뚤어졌어 (Live Ver.) /


세상도 날 둘러싼 사람들도 모두 '삐뚤어졌어' 아니 나만
괜스레 불안한 오늘, '눈치'
누군가를 흠모하는 사람들을 위하여, '순이'

선우정아 Mini Album project [4X4]
선우정아 미니앨범 [4X4]는 9월 한 달간 매주 월요일 새로운 음원과 공연으로 여러분께 소개됩니다.

[Release X 4]
2016.09.05 - 순이 Release
2016.09.12 - 눈치 Release
2016.09.19 - 삐뚤어졌어(Remastered ver. & Live ver.) Release
2016.09.26 - 츤데레 Release

[Showcase X 4]
2016.09.04 - 순이 Open Showcase
2016.09.11 - 눈치 Showcase
2016.09.18 - 삐뚤어졌어 Showcase
2016.09.25 - 츤데레 Showcase

Produced by 선우정아
Music & Words by 선우정아
Arranged by 선우정아

1. 순이
Acoustic Guitar & Keyboard by 선우정아
Bongo & Accessory Percussion by 박찬형
All Synthesizers by 선우정아
Background vocals by 선우정아
Recorded by 선우정아 @우주정거장
Mixed by 선우정아 @우주정거장
Mastered by bk! of Astro Bits @AB room

2. 눈치
Rhodes by 조성태
Elec. Guitar by 홍준호
Bass by 최인성
All Synthesizers by 선우정아
Background vocals by 선우정아
Recorded by 곽은정 @KWAK STUDIO
Vocal Recorded by 선우정아 @우주정거장
Mixed by 곽은정 @KWAK STUDIO
Mastered by bk! of Astro Bits @AB room

3. 삐뚤어졌어 (Remastered ver.)
Keyboard by 길은경, 선우정아
Elec. Guitar by 서원진
Bass by 서영도
All Synthesizers by 선우정아
String by 융 string
(String Arranged by 선우정아)
Recorded by 신성권, 김은철, 이지홍 @doobdoob
String Recorded by 윤정오 @Lead Sound
Mixed by 윤정오 @doobdoob
Mastered by bk! of Astro Bits @AB room

4. 삐뚤어졌어 (Live ver.)
Rhodes by 조성태
Recorded by 곽은정 @KWAK Studio
Mixed by 곽은정 @KWAK Studio
Mastered by bk! of Astro Bits @AB room


Stone Music Entertainment

As a top notch singer song-writer, Jazz based vocalist, composer and producer of Pop, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Electronic, SunwooJung-A has shown dazzling charms in all round of genres. After releasing her first successful debut album [Masstige], SunwooJung-A has shown the outstanding talents as a producer of 2NE1, GD&TOP, Lee Hi, IU and many other K-Pop artists, as well as enthusiastically being involved in many concerts and festivals. Her 2nd regular album [It's Okay, Dear], released in 2013, was highly acclaimed among the critics and led her to win 'The artist of the year' and 'The best pop album' of Korean Music Awards. Talents of SunwooJung-A glimmer the brightest on the live stage with unique charisma, energetic stage manners, kaleidoscopic arrangements, and classy stage producing. She is still in full play with many gigs of her own, but not restricted to genres and collaborative works with other artists.

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