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  • Release Date 2014-12-10


“Everything is Here” is the new EP of singer songwriter Liron Meshulam, performing under her second name Flora. In this album, she took a deep jump into the electronic world of Vintage keyboards, drum machines and synthesizing sounds. The EP was produced by Beno Hendler and Flora.
The texts in the album reveal her inner thoughts about life, her vulnerabilities and the way she see’s the world. In her words: "The power of life is inside of us, we create the reality that we experience, my purpose is to try and always be in the moment and not just experiencing it as the past, to appreciate what I have and to not believe all the voices in my head. To connect to who I am, even to the less comfortable parts and explore them".

FLORALiron Meshulam

Flora's unique sound, is composed by looping vintage keyboards, live minimal beats, and the use of her own voice as an instrument, to create a tasty blend of female indie-pop. Or as someone once put it - "an electro- Joni Mitchell". "... There is a purity and subtly within the songs while keeping it danceable, but also gaining closer access to the sensitivity of an anxious girl." - SCATTERBRAIN " Here is a girl that does it all, that silenced a room of first time listener’s, leaving them delicately heartbroken, and begging for more..."- DINGUS

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