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  • Release Date 2013-10-10


SBS 'K-POP Star 4' Lee Jin Ah's first regular album.
First Track of this album, ‘Invisible’ leads to next track naturally.
The tile song ‘Letter’ is in harmony with nylon guitar, Contra bass, calm drum sound and Lee Jina’s soft girlish voice.
This song is a swing style blues. The point of this song is her voice like a playing instrument.

After easy-to-follow ‘Love song’ goes, the next song is Urban-style ‘Times don’t go’ that Jinna made for the first.
This song is loved during all of their concert and its sensual melody line and sally lyrics show the color of Lee Jina’s music.

‘After Years’, the song of spring-like and resembles love.
‘I Believe’ is attractive for Mute-skill of ‘Lee Han-jin’, the trombone player and practical music player.
‘Coloring’ is the hopeful song that cheers for exhausted people.
‘A bunch of star’ sings that painful times will be gone just like a sand of beach.
‘Ordinary days’ is the song that energize to ordinary days. ‘Tear of Jewel’ makes beautiful image of stillness.

Except the participation of ‘Kim su-jin’, music director who made many drama OST and ‘Lee Han-jin’, trombone player,
many young skilful band members joined to make this album. It is so strong to be a debut album for a rookie musician.

Lee Jin Ah이진아


Jin Ah Lee made her debut in January 2013 with her first album [Invisible]. She attracted much attention from the public auditioning for SBS's K-Pop Star 4 showcasing her unique style of music and distinctive vocal timbre. Not only did the judges think she could advance to the top 3, but other competitor musicians even praised her songs. After K-Pop Star 4, she joined Antenna Music. Her own songs, such as

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