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  • Release Date 2016-12-18
  • 1. 창문 /


'서사무엘' [창문]

'서사무엘'의 새 싱글 [창문]은 문득 창문 너머를 바라보다가 연인과의 지난 추억을 떠올리며 만든 노래이다. 겨울 한복판에서의 감정을 따뜻한 가사로 담아낸 이번 싱글은 도회적인 비트와 멜로디로 아름답게 빚어내었다.

Samuel Seo


Samuel Seo has released “Frameworks” which he put his own message into his album within wide musical spectrum such as soul, R&B, hiphop and synth pop. In 2016, he received an award for R&B/Hiphop genre at 13th Korean Music Awards, gaining recognition from the audiences and critics.

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