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  • Release Date 2014-12-05
  • 1. Back In Time (Remembrance) /


This album contains all the emotions that everyone would have felt like, the nostalgia for the separation, the memories of the first love that will not be forgotten even after the passage of time. It reminds me of the separation of love and lover from lover of love, and expresses feelings about her nostalgia and unavoidable reality, and is an album that is realistically expressed in the middle of longing and folly.

In this album, which is the beginning of 'Ato Entertainment' series, it was produced by A.SPREE as a whole producer, and as a BEATMAKER for the arrangement and arrangement, LION.J participated in a variety of musical attempts and participated actively in under, SOULMIN, a sophisticated artist who is not yet well known in the public world, participated as a vocalist.


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