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  • Release Date 2012-11-12


What would you take along with you when going on a journey: Passport, camera, and a guide book?

You’re not ready, yet. Yes, music is it!

Why not make your tour with the Tourist-an odd team of six maniacs for travel and music: Four musicians; a web car-toonist; a photographer. A team motto: “Make one song a month- a song of trip”.

You can meet the song along with a narrative in “Lonely Planet Magazine, Korea”, a Korean edition of the worldly re-nowned, monthly travel magazine: Let us guarantee you that with the Tourist, you will never be left lonely on your tour .

Are you now ready to put the Tourist’s songs in your iPod? Whip those mules!

Find us at !

The Tourist양해중, 혜수, 다루, 참치, 린지, 수잉츄, 노바, 박희철, 성상민

The Tourist is the team for travel songs

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