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  • Release Date 2017-06-16



모두가 꿈꾸고 기다리는 더 좋은 세상이란, 실제론 ‘Dystopia(디스토피아)’에 살고 있는 우리들의 허망한 바람인 것만 같았다.
과거도, 미래도 아닌 현재에 대한 그리고 동시대를 살아가는 사람들과 현실에 대한 우리들의 솔직한 심정과 고민을 나누고 싶었다.
지금이야말로 있는 그대로 우리의 모습을 마주한 채, 그토록 갈망하던 진실을 이야기해야 할 때. 때로는 분노를 때로는 희망을.


IdiotapeDguru, Zeze, DR

VU Entertainment

IDIOTAPE is an electronic band, formed in 2010 with six synthesizers and one drum. Leader of IDIOTAPE Dguru has performed as a DJ at major clubs in Korea for 13 years. DR is known as the best powerful drummer of Korea for 15 years. Zeze plays the analogue synthesizer and has an excellent composition skill. IDIOTAPE reinterprets Korea’s rock music from the 60s and 70s for the synthesizers, and caught the audience’s attention. IDOTAPE holds a unique position in exploring new markets by playing an unprecedented genre. IDIOTAPE’s unique sound and texture, comprised of electronic sounds except the drum, meet the perfect qualifications for being loved anywhere in the world.

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