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  • Release Date 1994-03-19


Passion'd Flower began as a high school band in Toronto, Canada, in the late 1980's, formed by Skutch Shimoda and Neil Leyton. Surrounded by a few friends just learning to play, Skutch drew inspiration from 1960's psychedelic music - as well as Bollywood soundtracks! - to create something entirely different. This collection gather recordings from different sessions from the early to mid 1990's.

Passion'd FlowerSkutch Shimoda, Neil Leyton

Passion’d Flower is the musical creation of Skutch Shimoda, aka Sameer Gidwani. Throughout the 90s Skutch and friends (including Neil Leyton, Vince “Vaslav” Strnad, Devin Stoneham, Dan Cohen and others) recorded a series of sessions at Studio 92 in Toronto, recorded by Norm Barker.

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