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  • Release Date 2015-03-04


The Stray’s first EP is filled with heat of youth by rough romance and secret love messages.
It has total 8 tracks.
‘Dance With Me’, flowing exciting pop/rock style song with sweet comfort and temptational message from a man who found an woman in sadness of broken heart,
‘Thing You Are’, trimmed demo version contained at <2014 Pastel Sample Vol.6> more funky groove,
title track ‘Sexy Dream’, bursting heat strongly and stylish like ,
‘Lingering In The Past’, containing hopeful heart to be happy without any mistakes when find next love through rhythmical melody than broken heart contained at compilation album ,
‘Love This Way’, duet with Seong-A of vanilla acoustic, showing more affectionate love with pure and lovely voice,
‘There Will Never Be Another You’, attractive track with bright melody and sweet vocal,
‘Can't Get Started’, showing delicate mood with turnaround code usually used in jazz,
‘Love Is Coming’, a wish to eternal moment in lover’s arms by exciting beat.

The Stray Leevi, hyo, Jack


Band ‘The Stray’ started in 2014 with a great ambition to break new ground of Korean modern pop/rock band by single album ‘There Will Never Be Another You’ and ‘Love Is Coming’. Their first EP was just released. They played their own energetic sound at 2 single albums and compilation album . From acoustic pop to groove, embracing modern rock, R&B and funk, they have odd talent to dancing naturally by rhythmical melodies, exciting stage manners and danceable rhythm.

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