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  • Release Date 2015-02-10


Azin’s 1st EP , which means ‘unfold’ shows her strong determination and hope to spread her life high and wide as an artist.

This includes total of 7 tracks. Just only once finished title track ‘If you want’ which has a strong beat and sensual melody,
vague sound feels like sinking in deep water ‘flash’,
a 8 beat chiptune retro sound about romance just falling in love ‘So High’,
instrumental track ‘Twenties’ arranged sounds first and made them piece by piece doing like cube puzzle,
desolated sound ‘snow’ about shattered heart by lover’s cold eyes, faces and motions at the end of love,
and ‘after-image’, poetic lyrics with recalling lost way and faint glimmering image track.

EP , melt into Azin’s own sounds with various emotion and images is filled with fascinating melodies arousing curiosity and delicate sounds.



Azin, became known for vocal at ‘JUUNO(of Casker)’ and ‘Epitone project’s album with a walking on clouds and dreamlike voice made her fascinating and fresh debut through a digital single , released on November 2014. At her 1st EP , released on February 10, 2015, she took all songwriting arrangement and began in earnest as a singer-songwriter with her dreamlike sound, poetic lyrics and her own delicate voice. “Very charming artist with floating like sounds, delicate melodies and voices.” - JUUNO(of Casker)

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