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  • Release Date 2015-02-12


With its beautifully floating retro sound, synth pop duo, Electricity Flowing's first full-length album (we live by night) is a hymn to those who live by night.

The Seoul-based synth pop duo, Electricity Flowing delightfully pursues indie dance pop with a wry nod to the 80s.
In this particular album, the love for the 80s, a golden age for electronic music, manifests itself with all its deep sentiments.

The duo revamps their favorite pop tones and hues and adds its own melodic sensibilities with a touch of electronic chicanery to create a track list that reflects upon urban alienation all the while shaking one's body to the funky tunes. It is music for both the mind and the feet.

Thematically, We live by night focuses on night and all things and people related to the night. According to the duo, night is defined as an empty time in which we are no longer occupied by the things 'we have to do.'
Likewise, how we spend our nights rests solely on our shoulders. For the duo, nighttime is thus an expansive time in which we must face our own ontological insecurities.
Electricity Flowing interweaves this idea of nighttime solitude into its lyrics and tonal choices by using declarative synth melodies and basic beats all in all to carry us with its beautifully airy romanticism through the album.

Electricity Flowing흐른, 류호건

Electricity Flowing is a catchy synth-pop duo emerging from the beating heart of Seoul, South Korea. The duo is comprised of Flowing, who has released three acclaimed albums as a solo artist, and Hogun, former guitarist for the Korean indie mainstays Frenzy and Isle. They re-interprete their favourite 80s and 90s pop tones and added their own melodic sense and electronic chicanery, to create a set of songs that can make you reflect on urban alienation whilst shaking your funky stuff. They released their first EP, Guilty Pleasure in 2013, and the first full-length album, We Live By Night in 2015.

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