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  • Release Date 2011-09-06


Sophomore album from NY based recording artist, Erin Barra

Erin BarraErin Barra

Erin Barra, alongside Santigold and Tokimonsta, is part of a growing sisterhood of boundary-breaking electronic musicians who are multi-talented, entrepreneurial, and committed to paying it forward to the next generation. The 29-year-old Brooklyn-based, Berklee-educated songwriter, producer, and audio-tech consultant is the creator and instructor of Beats By Girlz, a recording arts and music technology initiative for young women, being presented at, and with the Lower East Side Girls Club. She is also pushing open source music distribution into new online territory, with the initial release of all the stems of all the songs on her new EP, Undefined, on the music sharing and collaborative platform, Blend.

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