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  • Release Date 2017-12-09
  • 1. AweSomeday /


SKAWAKERs 연말맞이 NEW Single Album

"Love is a great healer."
티 없이 깨끗하고 순수했던 첫 사랑을 지나, 이제는 서로의 아픈 곳을 담담히 어루만질 줄 아는 그런 성숙한 사랑으로 향할 준비가 된 우리들.
당신을 만난 평범했던 '어느 날(someday)'이 알고 보니 새로운 발걸음을 내딛는 '놀라운(awesome)날'이었음을 깨닫는 그 순간을 기다립니다

Ska Wakers이광혁, 정세일, 이종현, 최정경, 박재영, 천세훈, 안병용, 이준호

rooTs record

About SKAWAKERs The meaning behind the band's name, “SKA WAKERS” refers to people who awaken people with SKA music. Everywhere they perform, audiences always dance along to their sound. It is said, that getting along with people and talking about society, IS the spirit of SKA. Their performances range from large mainstream venues to intimate street concerts for those who are social outcasts. In January of 2013, their first major concert was held in downtown Busan. They have released EP(Aug 2012) and Single(Jul 2013)album. In January 2014, they set up their own label 'rooTs record' and first regular album was released through there at July 1st, 2014. Album release concert, nationwide tour in Busan, Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu, was ended in great success and this album got the nod from ‘Music Today(NAVER)’ & ‘NAVER On-stage’. Also they completed Taiwan invitation tour (Taipei-Kaohsiung) successfully end of last year.

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