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  • Release Date 2015-12-09
  • 1. Kim Il Du - The First Noel /
  • 2. Kim Tae Chun - Santa Grandfa To Me /
  • 3. Shin Seung Eun - Merry and Christmas /
  • 4. Seedless Watermelon Kim Dae Joong - Like a Bullet Out Of The Pistol /
  • 5. Bong Woo Ree - Christmas Baby /
  • 6. Steve - Uncle Steve /
  • 7. Say Sue Me - Christmas, It's Not A Biggie /
  • 8. Uncle Bob - Crossroad Upon The Roof /
  • 9. John Debt - Assassination /


Heosuabi Record is not that famous on Korean music scene. Like scarecrow, they just stand between the rye as their name. and they try to make album steadly such as Jo Yong Ho ,Kim Tae Chun and Shin Seung Eun . Do you know where all those scarecrows has been gone? They go to town and drink, dance, have small talk. and Christmas on the middle of winter. They just can't let it go on.

Their second compilation album has 10 about winter, snow, Christmas. Country, blues, folk, techno pop have mixed with a little cheap story.

Winter is face to cold, cold is face to electric pad. Winter season is so harsh but give us really simple answer. With this album, face to face, ass to ass inside blanket, overcome cold.


Heosuabi Record

South Korean Independent Music Lable 2015.12. compilation album 'Heosuabi Christmas' 2017.12. compilation album 'Small Talk with Scarecrow'

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