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  • Release Date 2019-03-11


잠 못 들고 있나요?
악몽을 꾸나요?
실연을 당했나요?
울적하고, 우울하고, 희망이 없다고 느껴지나요?
그리운 사람이 있나요?
한때 당신을 즐겁게 했던 일들이 이젠 아무런 느낌 없나요?

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Epik HighTablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra Jin


Epik High, formed in 2001, opened a new chapter of hip-hop in Korea. The group is composed of well known singer-song writers who compose both lyrics and music covering a wide range of genres. With each successive album, Epik High has taken a step towards the global music market by displaying a unique approach to music and original, literary lyrics. Having proven their artistic skills in music, Epik High has been recognized by many other musicians and has a diverse following worldwide. Not only has Epik High won numerous domestic music awards since debut, they have been ranked number one on the iTunes Hip Hop chart in US. In 2009, they successfully embarked on their first “Map the Soul” world tour, with concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, Kobe, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. In an interview Tablo had with CNN, Epik High was credited as being one of the groups that helped popularize hip-hop music in Korea. Beyond CNN, he was also featured in an interview with BBC worldwide news. Recently, Epik High has come back with their 8th album [Shoebox], and have seen success across the board taking No.1 on iTunes music charts throughout Asia and topping Korean charts. The album has been widely recognized as a masterpiece. Thanks to the album’s success, they are on an Asia tour “Parade 2014” which consists of 15 concerts in 9 cities. 11 years since debut, Epik High continues to shine as the iconic hip- hop group of Korea. Contact:

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