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  • Release Date 2013-05-23


비껴 선 공간, 그곳에서 울려오는 노래 혹은 주술

한국을 대표하는 아티스트 '이승열'의 4번째 앨범. 'V'

새로운 울림과 공간감을 찾아, 공연장에서의 울림을 그대로 담은 'who?'와 장필순이 Featuring 한 'bluey' 등 새로운 음악적 시도의 담긴 그의 새 앨범.

yi sung yol


since his 1994 debut as part of the pioneering Korean modern rock duo, U & Me Blue, New York City native, Yi Sung Yol, has soared as a solo artist by making his name and making his mark as one of Koreas top modern rock icons. After featuring in a series of high profile Korean movie soundtracks such as The Coast Guard (2002), (2003), and Wonderful Days (2003), he released his first, self-produced studio album < This Day, This Time, These Days > and received nominations for 'Album of the Year' and 'Musician of the Year' at the 2004 Korean Music Awards. His hit streak continued with his sophomore solo effort < In Exchange > as Yi scored Musician of the Year and Modern Rock Song of the Year accolades at the 2008 Korean Music Awards. With his latest 2011 release < Why We Fail >, online fans and critics felt it was far from a failure as they voted it as the #1 Korean Album of Year on Naver Music (Korea's #1 online portal site) and the acclaim amplified even more as Yi Sung Yol successfully nabbed 4 nominations (Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Musician of the Year, Male Artist of the Year) and 2 wins (Modern Rock Album of the Year, Modern Rock Song of the Year) at the 2012 Korean Music Awards.

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