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  • Release Date 2015-04-30
  • 1. Guest House (Romance in Jeju) /


The Tourist’s first domestic project in Jeju Island, in association with “Jeju Tourism Organization” in South Korea.

“Guest House” is the song about two guests who fall in love with each other while traveling Jeju.

They travel wrapped up in the embrace of Jeju Island's canola flowers, and taste the burst of orange rays.

They met as strangers but now they become lovers.

With bossa nova rhythm, this song will take you to the Jeju Island’s spring time.

You can find “The Tourist” at the website,

The Tourist양해중, 혜수, 다루, 참치, 린지, 수잉츄, 노바, 박희철, 성상민

The Tourist is the team for travel songs

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