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  • Release Date 2015-04-15


2015 New Artist 'JY' First Single 'Dream Girl'

Singer-songwriter, singer and producer of the JY-as first debut.

The practice has been for a long time and my balls are JY-vocals, producer, choreographer an ingenious Jack-of-all-trades.

In addition, he is the big bang, 2NE1, Wiener, also known as vocal trainer YG entertainment vocal trainer Choi through the teachings of gemstones in 10 years is a long based in Iran had a variety of award-winning musical.

And a variety of hip hop crew and created through the flow of his music.

This track Dream Girl is a hip hop scene to be reckoned Lukydo (Luqa road) has been working with

Dream-like sound with a hint of an intense rhythm in sound and

Among the variety of emotional feeling in the dream, love, memories, etc., in the midst of a dream dreamed Dream Girl while feeling the meeting content.

Debuted at the end of a long period of preparation of the JY's forward.


JY 1988.08.09 R&B / Soul, Dance, Rap / Hip-Hop, Electronica 182cm, 74kg A Korea Youtube Channel - facebook - instagram - twitter -

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