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chomooo Jun 14, 2016

4집도 빨리 나와랏!!

Peter Jun 14, 2016

보고싶어 ~~

Peter Jun 14, 2016

뭘 그렇게 놀라나♡


  • Release Date 2011-06-09


교과서에 노래 가사가 실릴 만큼 유명해진 한국 인디 씬의 새로운 스타.2008년 데뷔음원 “싸구려 커피”로 한국 음악계의 참신한 대안으로 급부상, 실험적이면서도 꽤 익숙한 감성으로 대중의 귀를 사로잡은 장기하와 얼굴들의 2번째 정규 앨범 '장기하와 얼굴들'
2011년 한국대중음악상 ‘올해의 음반’을 비롯한 4 개 부문의 상을 수상

Kiha & The FacesChang Kiha, Jeong Jung Yeop, Lee Jong Min, Hasegawa Yohei, Lee Minki, Jeon Il Jun


The new stars on the Korean indie scene - a band so famous that their song lyrics have already made their way into school textbooks. Their 2008 hit Ssaguryeo Keopi (“Cheap Coffee”) sent a shockwave of novelty through a stagnant Korean music world, an experimental yet somehow familiar track that caught the ears of the Korean public in a big way. This was an exciting new sound that mixed the flavors of Korea’s 1970s psychedelic scene with a British new wave feel, then put a layer of melodious folk rock vocals on top. The combination of Jang Kiha’s “talking” style of singing and lyrics containing messages deeply rooted in real life messages delivered through artful wordplay has earned the band a wide fan base among young twentysomethings. They are especially known for their massive on-stage charisma during live performances.

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