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  • Release Date 2015-05-01


May 1st 2015 marks the 1157th day since the release of ALIVE in 2012. And now BIGBANG returns with [M], the first of the MADE SERIES. Beginning from [M] on May 1st, they will unveil M, A, D, E Project every month for 4 months. in September, the complete [MADE] album will be revealed. the project to be unveiled every month is not just a digital single, but is a project single album featuring more than one song. This is a replay of what BIGBANG did 9 years ago when they made their debut - it is about going back to the basics. Each member carried out a very successful musical career and unleashed talents in other fields as a solo, but this made the fans yearn for BIGBANG as a Whole. Individual member proved the influence of "BIGBANG", and the sensation that "BIGBANG" as a whole will bring this time goes beyond imagination. This was truly a long wait. BIGBANG themselves waited for this moment as much as the fans and the public did. Curiosity kept building up. BIGBANG themselves cannot imagine how much they have grown now - thy devoted all their energy to develop themselves. What would this, the first comeback in 3 long years, mean for them and us? the teaser trailer of the World Tour that marked their embarkation is like a scene from a blockbuster film. it elevates tension and curiosity. This is perhaps a metaphor that hints the release of a "film" starring BIGBANG in 2015. Every movement, gesture, and their voices carry the 10-year-old philosophy and individualism unique to each member. Ali of this would come together to create a film-like effect. What we can do as an audience is to be ready to enjoy their music, and love BIGBANG as they are. [M] marks the beginning of the MADE SERIES. It is time to see what they have prepared for us. [M] of BIGBANG MADE SERIES will be sold in M version and M version 2. Reservations begin on the April 24th, and they will go on sale in on/offline music stores across South Korea and YG Shop form May 1st.


BIGBANGG-DRAGON, 태양, T.O.P, 대성, 승리


Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG has worked hard to establish themselves as cultural icons, rather than just another boy band. G-Dragon, TOP, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI have set themselves apart from their peers by self-producing many of their hit songs, from the early classics “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, and “Lies” to more recent chart-toppers such as “Tonight” and “Fantastic Baby”. BIGBANG are trendsetters of the Korean music scene, having considerable influence on both music and fashion alike. They did away with the stereotypical stage costumes often worn by other singers in favor of clothing that is reflective of each member’s unique personality. G-Dragon, TOP, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI have all engaged in solo activities that utilize their individual and distinctive talents as singers, MCs and actors to thrive in every area of the entertainment world. All five members are as equally successful in their respective solo efforts as they are as a group, which is further proof of their endless talents. In 2011, BIGBANG returned to the music scene after a two-year hiatus with the release of their 4th mini-album “Tonight,” which received great reviews from fans and critics alike. They immediately followed up with that successful come-back by releasing their latest mini-album, “ALIVE” in 2012. “ALIVE” is the perfect display of BIGBANG’s growth and maturity as singers and producers over the course of their career and is a testament of their efforts to continuously progress, rather than idle at the top of the music scene.

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