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  • Release Date 2011-11-22


Take a little girl who loves music up to the point she composes in order to learn her school recitations.
Decide she won't have any piano lessons, although she is craving for them, leaving her no choice but to spy on others and ask for the help from her friends. Have those friends tell her about English pop music and American jazz music.
Wait for some years, during which she will learn performing arts in France premier drama school, and where one of her teachers will encourage her to go and sing on stage.

You get Yasmine Modestine, a pop-folk singer/songwriter, whose poetic songs are like monologues, dialogues and letters, whether they are love ballads or address social issues.

Yasmine's path has taken her to Paris jazz clubs, theaters and music stages around France, Belgium, but also to South Korea in 2010, and, of course, to England.

"Out of the Blue" is Yasmine Modestine second album. Piano, guitar, and soft songs in French and in English. Recorded with young, talented musicians from the jazz scene and elsewhere.

Yasmine ModestineYasmine Modestine

Singer-songwriter. Blue songs.

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