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  • Release Date 2012-08-08


A 2 cd set rock opera about the history if horror,sci-fi,the paranormal and supernatural from Stonehenge up to modern times.Music influenced by Black Sabbath,Alice Cooper,Pink Floyd,Blue Oyster Cult, Misfits,Roky Erickson. Also a takeoff on the Twilight Zone where each song is introduced by a spoken word narrative. The 2 cd set is also the soundtrack to the off broadway theatre show Twilight Theatre featuring Robert Jackson performed in the USA. The CD has charted in top 10 CMJ for USA college radio airplay and been featured in Rue Morgue Magazine. The song Shadow is featured in the soundtrack of the BBC show "Style Her Famous".

Robert JacksonRobert Jackson,various

Mainstream rock with hard ,alternative influence.Influences: A slighly left of center Bruce Springsteen meets Lou Reed, Iggy Pop,Warren Zevon,Sisters of Mercy,Smithereens,David Bowie and more. Robert Jackson's cds have entered the top 40 radio charts in Europe and been heard on United Airlines, United Artists movie theaters,and received positive press in Europe and USA. Robert is an ASCAP award winning singer songwriter from New York who has attracted the attention of major label record companies when his single Personal Jesus received commercial radio rotation in the USA. The CD Personal Jesus features members of Suzanne Vega's band and was produced by two major label producers.

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