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  • Release Date 2015-06-22


The Lake 1st EP

The four-member rock band ‘The Lake’ is started from resolving music which enjoyed in the house in front of a lake to life’s goal. They are an energetic leaping rookieensuring to make beautiful and deep music.

Through dynamic melody and addictive rhythm from repetitive guitar riff, they passed PastelMusic audition at once. Then reached the secondary final at ‘Top Band 2’, opening celebrating show at KT&G music film festival, Jisan rock festival and club performance at Hongdae, they have strengthened live skill with various activities.

And also, in PastelMusic 10th anniversary album [New Days& New Beginning] and [2014 Pastel Sampler Vol.6], they shows The Lake’s own sounds with danceable melodies to the public. Their debut mini album shows unconstrained sensitivity with drunken at deep night in the city. It is full of thrilling pleasure mixed with sharp, vivid sound and dreamlike vocal.

The Lake


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