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  • Release Date 2014-01-07
  • 1. Holloways /


This is a song with a strong message , a criticism to the monetary system that promotes inequality, conflict and war.
The unsustainability is embedded in this system and it needs it to function.

We intend to draw attention to the hollow ways in which our so-called leaders lead us, meaningless, causing human suffering throughout the world. We are hostages in this way of thinking and acting . We're doing more of the same, over and over again. We are not using all our creative potential to free us from this imposed suffering.

There are better forms to manage our planet resources, which pass by the use of the latest knowledge of science and technology we have at our disposal for creating abundance and the access to it to everyone without exception.

Art has always served to question people about the way we live and do things, about the human condition. With this message, we know the artistic risk we take. We will not please everyone with this position but we are not indifferent to the reality around us and we want to actively participate, through our art, in building a better world. For this we need to change the views that we have of the concepts that were taught and believed to be "right". - See more at:

InmythsHugo Almeida, Ricardo Mota

Inmyths set out to deliver a very personal take on alt-folk, as portrayed by their album “Scarcity”. The group, fronted by Hugo Almeida, brings acoustic guitars to the forefront, aided by a solid rhythm section and topped by the leader’s warm and soothing vocals offering a fitting folk songwriter approach with a modern, alternative rock twist . A certain familiarity can be traced to the likes of Coldplay, but in an acoustic packaging closer to the Days of the New aesthetic. The multi-instrumentality nature of Inmyths music certainly deserves a careful listen.

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