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Are you an artist?

1. Once you register in Bainil, you will be able to upload your own music. In other words, your music will be ready for being heard by fans all around the world.

2. You can be a member of Bainil by either connecting with your Facebook account or registering your email address.

Artist Information

1. Choose your band type. If your band has more than 2 members, select "Group". In the text box of "Members", enter the name(s) of the member(s).

2. Upload your profile picture that will be shown on (minimum size: 240 x 240px)

3. Introduce yourself as an artist.

4. Once you are done updating your profile, click "Save" and "OK" button in order. Then, you will be able to go to "Album Upload" page.

Upload Wizard

1. Click "Album Upload" after signing in or logging in.

2. Once you click "Album Upload", you will be directly connected with "Upload Wizard."

3. How "Upload Wizard" works : Upload 1) basic album information as well as 2) album Cover art, 3) input the tracks of the album, 4) make a request for publish, then 5) wait for the result of approval procedure. You can easily release your mobile album once by following those steps.

Album Upload

1. Enter the album title.

2. Enter the desired release date. In case of previously released album, write down the date you released the album.

3. Enter the credit of the album. It includes composer(s), lyricist(s), performer(s), record label, and any other side that holds either copyright or neighboring right.

4. Set up the album price and distributing countries. You can decide the price as you like and click "Select All" unless you have any limit or circumstance at specific territory. Click next, then you will see the page of uploading album cover art.

5. Upload all the images including the cover art, CD image, Wallpaper image for the background of Bainil App, and slide image(s) that will be appeared when playing your music. Please note that you should upload bigger size than the recommended one.

6. You can upload as many images as you want for "Slide Image(s)" as well as "Digital Booklet."

7. Registered images will be used in Bainil App and Album Page on

Track Upload

1. Since Bainil offers "Sing Along Recording" feature, your fans are able to sing along with your song and record it as well only for the fans' personal use or even share with others. To enable such function, you also need to upload Instrument Track and the lyrics.

2. You can set up the price of your own albums and the countries where you want to sell your music in.

3. If you want to sell your music as album only, you can make "Sale Type" as "Album Only".

4. You can add a new track or existing track that you previously made by clicking "New Track" or "Add Track."

5. Recommendations

  • 1 Lyrics have to be put up as TXT file with UTF-8 format. If information of song duration is included, the lyric will be scrolled down automatically along with the playing.
  • 2 Every music should be uploaded in 192 Kbps with CBR encoding.

6. What is Bainil Format?

  • 1 Bainil Format3 : AR(original track with vocal) and original instrument track(without vocal)
  • 2 Bainil Format2 : AR(original track with vocal) and original instrument track(taking vocal track out using EQ or Tune)
  • 3 Bainil Format1 : AR(original track with vocal) only


A song and an album will abide by following registration process.

1. Music and album could be saved in a transient storage form and once every information's been registered, you can request the administrator for publishing.

2. The product requested to be published can be on sale or rejected depending on the administrator's acceptance or rejection. Rejected ones can be modified after finding grounds for rejection.

3. After the approval by administrator, the music directly registeres itself as a product on Banil App Store and starts selling.

4. If you want to stop to sell your music, find and click "Stop Selling." To find it, follow the steps: 1) Bainil Manager -> 2) Album -> 3) Edit. If you decide to sell your music again you previously stopped to sell, you will need to ask the manager to republish it.

5. Cessation of selling music means other albums that have it are to be stopped as well.

Bainil Manager

1. When you sign in as an artist, you will be provided your own "Bainil Manager" that you can upload your music, publish, sell, and handle monthly statement of your uploaded album with.

2. After sign in or log in, click "Bainil Manager".

3. With Bainil Manager, you are able to.

  • 1 check the sale volume of your music in real time.
  • 2 confirm the monthly profit.
  • 3 manage artist and album information.
  • 4 see the usage condition of Promotion Link.
  • 5 update your account information such as change of a password.


1. You can check the albums you uploaded, sales condition at a glance on Dashboard.

2. You can even get to know daily sales condition for each store (App store, Google Play).

3. More descriptions

  • 1 Album Status, Track Status : Number of uploaded album(s) and track(s)
  • 2 Album Sales Ranking : Sort by sales volume
  • 3 Purchase : List of fans who bought your music in the past 1 month (name of the fan will not appear if he/she is not a member of Bainil)

Bainil Album

1. If you go to 'Edit' page, you can find the functions of album editing, discontinuing selling, and etc.

2. If you would like to change the price of your specific music that is currently being sold, please send us a request email to

3. Every time you release your album through Bainil, you will get a Promotion Link that you can use for your own marketing activities.

What is "Promotion Link"?

  • 1 URL link that you can download the album for free.
  • 2 15 disposable Promotion Link per album. (Duplication not allowed)
  • 3 Once you download Bainil App from App Store or Google Play and install it into your device, you will be provided an URL. Click the URL, and move to the next page.
  • 4 You can download the album for free. In order to do so, press "Download."



1. You can check real time sales of your albums.

2. You can look up the real time sales by product or store type(iOS, Android). In addtion, you can also see the fan list who bought your songs or albums.

3. Also, You can find the sales volume for each country your music has been sold in from "Sales by Country".


1. Payment will be made 2 months later from the actual sales. (ex. Sales in May will be paid on July 31st.)

2. Payment will be made into your Paypal account that you put in "Setting".(If you are Korean artists or labels, it will be paid to your bank account you have provided.) Payment can be safely made when your Paypal or bank account is submitted or updated when needed 15 business days prior to the payment day.

3. In case that payment is under $10 or account information is incorrect, the payment will be carried forward to the next month.

4. Statement will be issued 15 business days prior to the payment day through "Payments" menu on Bainil Manager. Standard currency is USD, and KRW is applied to Korean artists or labels.

5. For any information about payment, please contact

Bainil App

1. Released albums will be automatically posted on Bainil Store.

2. Fans can purchase albums from Bainil Store and simply enjoy the music. Or, they could have more funs by "Sing Along Recording" and sharing the songs recorded with their own voice, and etc.

Album Page

1. Album Page for the registered albums as product will be created on

2. You can meet with fans who bought your albums through Bainil App on Album Page.

3. Fans who bought albums through will be provided with full album streaming as well as MP3 download(M4A not available).


If you are a staff of a label or currently managing many great artists, please contact us directly. We hope to be your perfect partner!

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