Bainil's pricing policy conforms with the IAP(in-App-Purchase) policies of App Store and Google Play.
Bainil's revenue share is 20% of sales in principle.
The share on digital drops from 20% to 10% provided that sales reach $4,000 in the past 12 months.

Pricing Policy

As stated above, Bailnil's pricing policy conforms with the IAP(in-App-Purchase) policies of App Store and Google play.
The price can be set of your choice, beginning from $0.99. It can be raised by $1. (For example, $0.99, $1.99, $2.99...)
Subtle gap among different currencies is possible due to the exchange rates on stores.
Artists are free to choose any prices they want to set: $0 is also your option.

The Purchasing Steps

IAP(in-App-Purchase) is available on Bainil app that are installed from either App Store and Google Play.
Each store has its own payment policy as well as refund policy that Bainil conform with.


Artists receive their payments at the end of every month.
Checking the estimated amount along with the sales record is possible at any time, by the Bainil Management System (BMS hereafter)
Payments are made approximately in 60 days after the last day of each month (for example, sales on May will paid on July 31.) in accordance with the policies of App Store and Google Play. Remember your payment could be held off by the platforms(iOS and Google Play) for 7 days maximum in a rare occasion.
Visit BMS > Payments for the Precise estimated payments, available 5 days prior to the payment date.
Bainil provides payments solely through Paypal. Artists' Paypal account information should be updated on BMS > Setting at least 15 days before the payment date.
If not, the payments will be delayed to the following month.

Copyright Royalty

For artists who are registered to a PRO(performance rights organization), the accurate information on the copyright issue is necessary when uploading albums.
Payments are provided through your PRO.
Bainil's upcoming contracts with local PROs are vigorously in progress.
If the management of copyright does not belong to artist, but belong to OP(original publisher), Bainil deducts the amount for the copyright manager(s) from the artist's share.

Revenue Share

Exclusive of the platform fee, Bainil pays 72% of revenus, which includes copyright royalty, to artists.
Therefore, artists would receive the amount, exclusive of the royalty payment to the registered PRO. Artists who are unsigned in any of PROs receive full 72% of sales.
Yes, there is a volume discount. If sales reach $4,000 USD, your share rises from 72% to 79%. (The Bainil's revenue share on digital, on the other hand, drops from 20% to 10%.) The discounted ratio will stay provided that sales reach $4,000 in the past 12 months.